Get Your Backstage Pass to Randall George’s New Album Journey!

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Randall George
  • Arkansas CMA 2018 Guitarist of the Year
  • Has built an online global community as the “Telecaster Guy” with a YouTube and Podcast Show called “TeleTime”
  • Entertainment Director for the Blind Swine venues in Grand Lake, OK

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Be a Part of Randall George’s Journey to His Next Solo Album!

Hey music lovers and dream supporters! Randall George, the 2018 Arkansas Guitar Player of the Year and the crazy brain behind the viral hit “Screw You,” is gearing up for his next solo project. This album is the perfect mix of great guitar riffs and solo and funny party style lyrics.

We’re rolling out the red carpet for sponsors to jump on board for a year-long adventure of beats, gigs, and shoutouts, starting July 1, 2024. Want to see your name in lights (or at least in some super cool places)? Check out our exciting sponsorship opportunities:

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This next album isn’t just about music – it’s a movement. Randall is pushing the limits and documenting the whole process along the way… and you’re invited to ride the wave with us. Let’s do this!

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